The Pedophile Flow Chart

Take one pre-school child (anytime between birth and at least by age 4). Add horrific trauma to create dissociative identities. By kindergarten, age 5-6, child has amnesia for any amount of abuse at any time for decades of their life. Predator has perfect victim to be used for porn, slavery, drug trade, blackmail, and other covert purposes.

To stop pedophilia means opening our eyes to where no one is looking.

Note: No implications intended by use of images of the ball players. Could be anyone. And I love Derek Jeter!


What you need to know and why

This blog is a gateway to information regarding dissociative disorders, with emphasis on DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is a topic that tends to cause fear and confusion in society because of media sensationalism and well-funded propaganda. Why would there be propaganda about a person who has amnesia for long-term childhood abuse (and sometimes beyond childhood)? Because pedophiles, or those who otherwise intentionally harm children physically, sexually, and/or emotionally, don't want you to believe victims of their crimes.

Even young children who have been brave enough to report abuse against threats of harm for violating the sacred vow of silence enforced by child predators have been largely rebuffed by law enforcement and our judicial system because children report what they see and hear. And what they see and hear is intentionally made to be unbelievable.

The world is perfect for the pedophiles.

If you have little or no understanding (or possibly distorted understanding) of DID, you are invited to visit the blog:

understanding & healing from DID
If you begin with the first post and work your way through one post at a time, you will get a good sense of DID by the tenth post. Because of the complexity of dissociation and the world surrounding survivors of long-term early childhood abuse, posts will continue to be added in manageable "bites" to help readers grasp at least the basics. Resources are offered to pursue additional information on your own.

It is my hope you will grasp sufficient understanding to fully comprehend how dissociation is used by pedophiles in the blog listed below.

If you already have a strong foundation for understanding dissociation or would like to be inspired to learn about dissociation, please go directly to:

the dirtiest secret behind child abuse
Pedophiles know dissociation from every conceivable angle using it to their advantage to help ensure the silence of their victims and to condition dissociative "splits" of the child for nefarious purposes. Dissociation allows the pedophiles to operate in a "safe haven" because they see to it that what the children remember will never be believed even as adults.

Arresting pedophiles in traps such as that depicted on Dateline are great for educating the public on the realm of pedophilia. No one is the "typical" pedophile. They are everywhere and in every segment of society globally. Dateline only looks at the top of that mountain of revulsion. That being said, it is no wonder the propaganda behind "false memories" is so well funded. As long as survivors who begin to remember are dismissed as crazy, the pedophiles win.

How do they ensure adults survivors of long-term early childhood abuse (and even young children not dissociated) are not believed? The answer lies in understanding the pedophile mindset, a place most of us prefer not to go. I don't believe we have a choice any longer. If you want to protect your children, you have to know. Educators need to know, medical and health professionals need to know, social services needs to know, and law enforcement needs to know, at the very least. And there needs to be a coordinating element in the community (preferably nationally) especially for the organized element of child abuse.

Communities have to know and come together on behalf of the children and the wounded children who become wounded adults maligned because of the way their minds protected them from years of abuse.

believe the children
Help build a knowledge base of pedophile tactics. If you don't see it on Believe the Children, please add your knowledge as reported by a child to a safe adult or recalled by you as an adult survivor. You may post anonymously. Therapist knowledge is also welcome.  All comments are monitored.

Resources are provided for you to do your own research. If you come across studies funded by anyone connected with the false memory movement, I encourage you to find the nearest statistics professor (unless you already are familiar with that arena) and check the validity of the research. Then make your own conclusions.

Some of the experts in the field of dissociation are:

Bessel A. van der Kolk
Onno van der Hart
Marlene Steinberg
Joyanna L. Silberg (child dissociation)
Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis
Vedat Sar (the global perspective)

just to name a few.

Please be a part of the solution.
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